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Dirty Words… (Like Can’t)

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Click to Watch the Video!

Can’t is a dirty word. In my opinion it should never be used in the presence of women and children. Teachers should tear it from spelling books and pastors should consider it a sin. Sailors should say it no louder than a whisper. Motor cycle gangsters should blush at the very thought of it.

The true problem with can’t, is that it’s more than just a word to many. Today can’t is a lifestyle and a philosophy. Can’t is a position, a stance, a mindset, a craft to practice, and the means to a pathetic end.
The physical manifestation of can’t is equal to shooting one’s self in the foot at the starting line of a race. Winning is no longer possible once you destroy all hope of forward progress. The people who inhabit self created worlds of limitation are destined to forever live a lowly existence under those who chose to be limitless.

Our minds are our only limit. What we tell ourselves is all that matters. Whoever planted and watered the seed of can’t in you was only reflecting the limits they feel within themselves. Do yourself a favor today and scratch can’t from your dictionary. Remove the vulgar word from your speech and don’t allow anyone else to curse you with it. You can do whatever you focus your energy to do. You can do the impossible. 

You can do without can’t. 


Thanks for Reading -Javis White Seeker’

Patience During Progress

In Self Help on July 16, 2012 at 10:46 pm

Work With Time, Not Against It.

Let’s face it. Everything takes time. Although burritos and breakfast pastries may go from frozen to piping hot in a matter of minutes, the more meaningful and long lasting aspects of life may often take months, years or even decades to realize. How do you deal with this time of waiting?  I have always personally found it tragic to see people abandon and rationalize their dreams aways after realizing it may take some time to bring them to fruition. While talking to a friend one day, a theory developed that put words to how I see this time it takes to do a certain thing. We will call this theory the concept of, “Arriving Regardless” and it may greatly help you develop patience and even embrace tackling that time consuming project needed to reach your highest potential.

Let’s explain and explore the theory of, “Arriving Regardless” and exactly what it means to you. It’s actually so simple you already instinctively know it, but may not have ever considered it in this light. You arriving regardless is what happens to you and me everyday, just in regard to time. In other words, regardless as to what you did in the last ten years you arrived to this date in time that you are now reading this article. Ever hear anyone say; “I wish I had invested in that company 15 years ago?” Or, “I wish I decided to go to school 5 years ago. I would have been done by now!” These people understand the concept. They realized that time passed regardless as to how they felt about it, or what they did with it.

Not to be rude, but who cares if it takes you time to prepare? Despite what you say or do that time will pass regardless; after it does, you will either be prepared or unprepared. Let’s say you are 42 and would like to write a book containing a summary of your knowledge for all the world to read. You feel a calling to do this for humanity’s sake and your friends tell you constantly you should have your own book. After talking with a publisher, let’s say you find out it takes on average 3 years to write a book and get it published. So what!? 3 years is far from instant, but in 3 years you WILL be 45; and you can either be 45 with a book, or be 45 without a book. You will arrive to a point in the future exactly 3 years from now regardless of what choice is made.

Now that we understand that time waits for no man or woman, what stops you from starting to do what you need to be doing? In a lot of cases it can even be quite embarrassing to admit that we have been putting something off for so long that it could have already been done one or two times over. Have no worries though because you can always start now. In fact, why not start now? No other moment is within our control except for now! Patience pays off big time when it comes to diligence and focused effort . Let’s spend this and all moments in activities that we will soon be proud we did. Remember, this time too shall pass.

Javis White of Seekers House. Books that Empower… Thanks for reading.