Dirty Words… (Like Can’t)

In Motivational, Uncategorized on July 31, 2012 at 12:52 am
Click to Watch the Video!

Click to Watch the Video!

Can’t is a dirty word. In my opinion it should never be used in the presence of women and children. Teachers should tear it from spelling books and pastors should consider it a sin. Sailors should say it no louder than a whisper. Motor cycle gangsters should blush at the very thought of it.

The true problem with can’t, is that it’s more than just a word to many. Today can’t is a lifestyle and a philosophy. Can’t is a position, a stance, a mindset, a craft to practice, and the means to a pathetic end.
The physical manifestation of can’t is equal to shooting one’s self in the foot at the starting line of a race. Winning is no longer possible once you destroy all hope of forward progress. The people who inhabit self created worlds of limitation are destined to forever live a lowly existence under those who chose to be limitless.

Our minds are our only limit. What we tell ourselves is all that matters. Whoever planted and watered the seed of can’t in you was only reflecting the limits they feel within themselves. Do yourself a favor today and scratch can’t from your dictionary. Remove the vulgar word from your speech and don’t allow anyone else to curse you with it. You can do whatever you focus your energy to do. You can do the impossible. 

You can do without can’t. 


Thanks for Reading -Javis White Seeker’

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