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Death in a Dream; What Does it Mean?

In Dreams & Astral, Mind Power, Motivational, Self Help on August 20, 2012 at 9:06 pm

As someone who has had more than his fair share of death related dreams, I know how confusing this kind of experience can be without a proper understanding. Most people will have dreams of this nature several times during their life. Much like the first one I remember, these dreams can be quite innocent, where death comes by accident to some vague, unfamiliar character. While on the other hand, the deaths may be fairly violent or gruesome, and may actually happen to yourself or a loved one. Either way, I would encourage you not to panic or become alarmed in these situations. Seldom is a dream a realistic representation of what we should expect in our waking lives. Dreams speak to us in a different kind of language.

     Dreams of all kinds and variety have a place and function in our lives. While I personally don’t believe they are to be taken literally, I would do a great disservice to deny the relevancy of dreams to our everyday life. Like many of the dream experts on the scene, I believe dreams speak to us more on a fundamental level through the use of symbols and allegory. This would begin to explain the seemingly endless variety of strange, fanciful and often completely unrelated events that take place in the dream world.

     Death in dreams usually symbolize some sort of change in our lives. This change could be something at present, or a change that our subconscious mind is anticipating. It’s not likely that causing death in a dream is a indication of suppressed wrath, but this is actually possible. Here, we’ll address the symbol of death as what it means for majority of people. If you believe that man is more than the physical, and will one day die by transcending from the body, you have some understanding of this symbol. The ancients knew that physical death was not the end, but merely transcending into another reality. Death is the ultimate change and our minds use this allegory to represent change on a smaller scale.

We must bear in mind that our dreams are generally about us. Everyone there is inside of you. Even if they do reveal things about others, they tend to have some sort of personal connection to you when (and if) they are deciphered. For instance, the death of someone unknown who was not murdered can symbolize a more subtle change around you or in your close environment. A dream with people you know dying is more internal in nature. These people probably represent different aspects of yourself. The qualities you associate to the character of the dying person may reflect a change in that same aspect of yourself. Dreams of you murdering are also extremely useful, as this may be the result of you consciously changing yourself; hopefully for the better.

Remember, you will always be the best person who could possibly determine  exactly what your dreams mean to your life. I only attempt to shed light on some commonly held ideas for you to play with.  If we are at all similar, perhaps you welcome regular change because you regularly seek information and practices to purposely bring about positive life changes. Hopefully next time you awake from a dream with the reaper, you’ll now have the tools to arrive at a deeper understanding of self. It may sound odd, but a night of “bloody murder” can really clarify your life in the morning.

Javis White of Seekers House. Books that Empower… Thanks for reading.