The Saddest Thing in the World

In Metaphysics, Motivational, Philosophy, Self Help on August 3, 2013 at 11:14 pm
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Click to Watch the Video!

The saddest thing in the world is something that happens to many of us most of the time. No it’s not the loss of a dear family member, some criminal action, or anything you would see in a trending news story. The saddest thing transcends age, gender, geography, and racial and political divide. Every human being, every second of every day decides to participate in this sadness or not. What is it you ask? Well the basis can be summed up as not living all of the life that you can now in exchange for always worrying about goals of the distant future… I’ll explain.

      A while ago, I briefly worked on a certain project with an older gentleman. My job this particular day was to inspect a parking lot that was being constructed. As I worked, this man stayed with me and started a conversation. He talked of marriage and children and gave me advice in the areas that he felt most passionate about. One thing he made sure to engrain in me was a hard lesson that took him many years to learn. He has three adult sons and he explained how he worked a lot of overtime hours throughout the years to provide for them and “get ahead in life”. What little free time he did get was usually spent with his old buddies, either hunting or fishing. He said before he knew it, the oldest two boys had grown up and he missed it. This was his life’s biggest regret and since then he had made peace with those two sons and became the best possible father he could for the remainder of his youngest son’s childhood. He decided to be completely present and enjoy every moment spent with him.

      I used the story above only as an example. The saddest thing in the world comes into play when we engage in any activity, whether it be parenting or eating a sandwich. The sad part is not truly enjoying the fullness of what life brings moment by moment because we’re always planning to do it “one day when…” or “as soon as”. I’m not saying that we should abandon any hope for living better tomorrow; the key is however, to live along the way. We don’t have to put off living or rely on a fantasy existence. How often do we complain about things we once took pleasure in (jobs, people, etc)? How come new-comers can appreciate beauty around us that we no longer see? It’s not in what we see but how we see. A simple light bulb is a beautiful work of art to a man who has never known electricity. 

     Because we are alive, each moment has immense beauty within it for those with eyes to see. My life changed once my consciousness elevated high enough to receive the truth in this concept. This may even sound a bit silly to some, but it is as simple as taking the time to concentrate on enjoying a lunch instead of rushing through it while pondering the unpleasant chores that await you. If the chores will be there anyway, why not just pack the best lunch you can and enjoy it like it’s your last meal? Perhaps we should keep in mind the fact that we don’t actually know which meal is our last meal. I hope you understand the philosophy behind what I’m saying here. 

     If what you have read so far resonates with you, why not do yourself a favor and run with it. I guarantee you will open a doorway to happiness and enjoyment that few people will ever find. People will notice a difference in you as has happened with me. With so many people not making the decision to enjoy the now, it’s no wonder families fall apart and people secretly dope up on anti-depression and anxiety drugs. This way of life has returns that exceed the value of money and last forever. Begin by questioning how much you enjoy and appreciate the people, things and situations in your life right now. Make it a point to deeply enjoy as much as possible as often as you can, every hour of everyday. When spending time with your children do they know that you have left the office at the office and they have all of you as a parent? Do you feel you have to date your significant other or that you get to date them? When was the last time your spouse had 100% of your attention? Do they even know what that feels like? Do you? Often time this is all our loved ones ever want from us.

      Whenever I see a luxury convertible with a retired elderly couple in it, I hope to myself that they didn’t let 65, 70, or 75 years of their life pass before they started to enjoy it. A retirement at that age should only be icing on the cake of a long life well lived, and not a last minute escape from day to day misery. How sad is it to let the miracle of life pass us by while we have our backs turned looking for it.

     Happiness begets happiness and more happy situations. Appreciating the beauty in every moment and situation is a simple decision that costs no money but yields unfathomable returns. The choice is yours. Will you continue to sacrifice your continually present existence for an unpromised dream of one day having it all? Or will you decide to truly embrace and enjoy this very moment? The wise realize that time is merely an illusion and the present is indeed the only time we can ever exist in. I challenge you to make up your mind. Join in the living of today. We know that tomorrow is not promised and even when it does come, we call it today.

                                                                        Javis White of Seekers House. Thanks for reading.


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