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Inspiration or Excuse?

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     Today I received a call from a close friend of mine named Shawn. During our conversion he revealed to me some unpleasant circumstances that have arisen in his life recently taking him by surprise. We discussed several different ways to view the situation as well as exploring the metaphysics involved. At one point, my friend said to me that years ago he would have used this situation as an excuse. 
     Most people have goals, dreams, and experiences they would like to see become reality. Often times what stands in between themselves and what they want are excuses. As we spoke a man came to mind whose story inspired me since I first read his book, “The Pursuit of Happyness”. This man’s name is Chris Gardner and he is currently the multimillionaire CEO of Gardner Rich & Co. At any giving time in his journey to become a world-class investment manager he could have given in. He could have chosen any excuse, such as being unemployed, having no schooling, being the only minority, being a single parent, or being homeless and having sleep in public restrooms at night with his young son. But instead of using his unfortunate situations as excuses, Mr. Gardner harvested the energy of them and used it as his motivation to succeed over the fierce competition.
     We must realize that we have a choice. The most important part of any situation is how we react to it, learn from it or overcome it. We all go through unpleasant situations. Some of us undergo poverty, abandonment, sexual abuse, belittling, traumatic events, racism, bigotry, and discrimination. Can I just say “that’s life”? Rest assured that you are not the only one going through something. However, you are the only one that can take your misfortune and use it as a reason to grow, become something better, break harmful family cycles, assist others and provide solutions. So when it’s all said and done, what is your decision; inspiration or excuse? 
Thanks for reading -Javis White of Seeker’s House



Vision Boards 102 -How Real Can It Get?

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This second section pertaining to the art of using vision boards goes further into the use of creativity to achieve a much deeper impression of our goals and desires into both our conscious and subconscious minds. These techniques may be better able to help those who have difficulty with mental envisioning. Also the techniques we will discuss will prove to be much more engaging and ‘real’. And I trust that those who are a bit more artistically inclined will enjoy the creative freedom and involvement required.
How real can it get? A vision board in all actuality is nothing more than a bunch of pictures. With this being so, a great deal of imagination is required to move past the obvious. This worked for me however. I am a very visual person with endless imagination, and I have manifested the most amazing things (and situations) over the years using vision boards. I do however; realize that some people have talents and ability placed in other areas that will work better for them. Either way, one thing to remember is; if the process of capturing and creating your visions does not build up some level of happiness and excitement in and of itself, you need to reconsider what you actually want in life. The envisioning process will never work if you try to force yourself to want something that does not resonate with who you really are.
Concept #1 Getting real. For most people here on earth, nothing is more real than 3-D reality. Imagine having pictures on your vision board that don’t come from magazines, but instead real-life situations that you were a part of. Stay with me now. You may be thinking, “How can I have a picture of something that does not yet exist?” But the truth is that most of the things we want do currently exist. If not the concept does. If you would like to manifest 67 Corvette for example, these already exist. In fact, they have existed since 1967. Because they already exist this car is something that you can find somewhere in real life. Even though you may not yet be able to afford this kind of vehicle, the idea of the “advanced vision board” is to find this car and create memories, experience and visions with the desired object. Imagine how easy it is to imagine having a car while looking at pictures or video of you actually driving the car! Get it? A car dealer will most likely insist you take the car for a spin. Is the kind of house you want for sale somewhere? Is your type of computer already on a shelf store? Find it if at all possible and make visions from real life. There are no set rules. You can even use Photoshop if you want too! The key is to create something that can help you have extremely realistic positive feelings of already having it.
Concept #2 Use your talents. A true artist (of any kind) pours a piece of him or herself into their work. This is what brings the work to life and gives it an energy that multiples and extends to other. This second concept takes that idea and applies it to manifesting. Let’s say you are a visual artist who regularly takes time to, and enjoys creating beautiful artwork. You may be better able to create the feeling of having by depicting this in your work. The very process of you pouring your creative energy into it will “charge” the work, thus deeply embedding the concept into the subconscious. Hanging these pieces where you would regularly see them would assist in keeping you at the matching vibration required to manifest (remember like attracts likes). It is important however to always depict yourself having and not obtaining. A skilled writer that desires to lose weight may journal about the fun new activities he is now able to do with his redesigned slimmer physique. He may choose to read it before dwelling on an image representing weight loss. Anyway that you can use your talents to assist you reaching your goals should be considered. What are you creative enough to imagine and make that will place you in the vibration of having?
Concept #3 Control the vibe. For those who are more auditory, as compared to visionary, controlling the vibes may be your thing. By vibes, I am referring to vibrations picked up by our ears in the form of music, sound, and other audio. People who tend to have a deep love of music are able to connect with the energy it contains. Some music has a peaceful loving vibration, while others may be harsh, angry and even violent. You may already have music that puts you in a vibration high enough to manifest certain things. For example, you may have a desire to eat at a certain 5-star restaurant in town. You may already own some of the classical music that they will play in such an establishment. Listening to this music while envisioning yourself at the dinner table will do wonders for increasing the reality in your imagining. Just imagine the sense of magic you would feel should you happen to hear these actual songs while eating in that restaurant one day! Wouldn’t island music certainly put you in the mood to better imagine yourself on that Caribbean cruise ship?… Or French music in manifesting the trip to Paris? If it helps keep you in the vibration, do it.
I can’t forget to tell you to always pay attention to your feelings and use them as a measuring stick. Never create anything, use any image or listen to anything that will cause you to feel a lack of something. This is counterproductive. If you would like to attract a mate, love music that causes you to feel the lack of a mate will only help you manifest the lack of a mate.
I hope that you now have a broader understanding of the concept of the vision board and can see how to bring yourself closer to all the experiences, people and objects you desire and need to live life in its full abundance.

                                Thanks for reading   Javis White of Seekers House.

How I Live without TV… it’s OK. Don’t Panic.

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Click to Watch the Video Version!

I chose to be abnormal after I saw what passes for normal.

“Well what do you do if you don’t watch TV?” I was asked this question yesterday in a conversation. This was not the first time that I have answered that question, just the most recent. Apparently, it’s quite odd in this day and age to not have a television, or to choose to not watch one daily. Over the years several people have made me clearly aware of this. I have truly seen looks of suppressed horror on the faces of some people without the capability to fathom life without the box. To be fair, I suppose if TV gave me my favorite teams, daily heroes and sheroes, villains and companions for these many years, I would value it also. If TV had always suggested to me what I should eat, wear, drive, listen to, think and fear, I would too feel a bit lost just at the thought of its absence.

    To be clear, I am in no way stating here that all people who watch TV are brainless idiots, as I am fairly certain that is not the case. Here is some food for thought however. Imagine with me that while you sleep tonight, every television in your home disappears, along with the cable boxes, satellites, remotes and all accessories. The cable company and your insurance will need a month to replace anything and you don’t have the money to do it yourself. Honestly, ask yourself how this would make you feel? Would you feel as if a part of you has died, or would you simply go on doing the other things you have already been doing in life? The feelings that surface will provide clues as to if you have an unhealthy dependency on your TV.

     Now to answer the question “what do I do if I don’t watch TV.”? When I’m not watching a television with every second of my free time, I’m actually doing real life stuff. Let’s look at reality. When 99% of people watch TV, they consider it doing something when it’s much closer to doing nothing. At best you’re just sitting there and at worse you’re lying in bed eating. Either way most people are completely stationery often for hours on end. To make things worse, the official foods (and I use that term loosely) of television is anything classified as junk. This is also a good time for many to drink and smoke whatever they choose. For me, spending time like this does nothing to bring me closer to my personal goals and aspirations. Isn’t that what life is really about?

I see it now as a tremendous blessing that we could not afford cable television growing up. There’s no telling where I would be if I had not spent time developing my mind, imagination and creativity with that time I may have ended up giving to the boob tube. As a kid I did feel a bit out of touch with pop culture, not seeing the latest shows and music videos, but I did not become programmed into believing that TV “programs” had any bearing on real life. I remember friends with nothing going on in their own lives sit and watch reality shows of other people living life. That type of mind numbing garbage didn’t then, and still doesn’t make sense to me. I instead started getting into mind stimulating books, worked jobs and made money, developed my creative skills and worked hard on becoming a better me.

     In closing, as an adult I have had cable twice (usually in an Internet bundle) and I enjoyed a few “educational” channels and maybe a hand full of other shows. I have no TV now and it does not bother me one bit because I am the most productive this way. If I need to see something that bad, there’s always the Internet. With my time now I read, love my beautiful wife and baby boy, and create artwork and computer graphics. I wake up early to reach my personal deadlines of completing the books I write, for which I also do the photography, layout, logo design and cover art. I build websites, computers and make the most awesome YouTube videos. I educate myself, blog, learn to cook vegetarian foods, pet my Doberman, lead a local metaphysics group and have deep conversations with close friends. Amongst other things, I also write articles like the one you’re reading now. I do this all the time. My life is full of meaningful activities and interactions with meaningful people. I live on the cutting edge of new thought and experience. I live with purpose. I am truly alive. 

Thanks for reading –Javis White of Seeker’s House

The Saddest Thing in the World

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Click to Watch the Video!

The saddest thing in the world is something that happens to many of us most of the time. No it’s not the loss of a dear family member, some criminal action, or anything you would see in a trending news story. The saddest thing transcends age, gender, geography, and racial and political divide. Every human being, every second of every day decides to participate in this sadness or not. What is it you ask? Well the basis can be summed up as not living all of the life that you can now in exchange for always worrying about goals of the distant future… I’ll explain.

      A while ago, I briefly worked on a certain project with an older gentleman. My job this particular day was to inspect a parking lot that was being constructed. As I worked, this man stayed with me and started a conversation. He talked of marriage and children and gave me advice in the areas that he felt most passionate about. One thing he made sure to engrain in me was a hard lesson that took him many years to learn. He has three adult sons and he explained how he worked a lot of overtime hours throughout the years to provide for them and “get ahead in life”. What little free time he did get was usually spent with his old buddies, either hunting or fishing. He said before he knew it, the oldest two boys had grown up and he missed it. This was his life’s biggest regret and since then he had made peace with those two sons and became the best possible father he could for the remainder of his youngest son’s childhood. He decided to be completely present and enjoy every moment spent with him.

      I used the story above only as an example. The saddest thing in the world comes into play when we engage in any activity, whether it be parenting or eating a sandwich. The sad part is not truly enjoying the fullness of what life brings moment by moment because we’re always planning to do it “one day when…” or “as soon as”. I’m not saying that we should abandon any hope for living better tomorrow; the key is however, to live along the way. We don’t have to put off living or rely on a fantasy existence. How often do we complain about things we once took pleasure in (jobs, people, etc)? How come new-comers can appreciate beauty around us that we no longer see? It’s not in what we see but how we see. A simple light bulb is a beautiful work of art to a man who has never known electricity. 

     Because we are alive, each moment has immense beauty within it for those with eyes to see. My life changed once my consciousness elevated high enough to receive the truth in this concept. This may even sound a bit silly to some, but it is as simple as taking the time to concentrate on enjoying a lunch instead of rushing through it while pondering the unpleasant chores that await you. If the chores will be there anyway, why not just pack the best lunch you can and enjoy it like it’s your last meal? Perhaps we should keep in mind the fact that we don’t actually know which meal is our last meal. I hope you understand the philosophy behind what I’m saying here. 

     If what you have read so far resonates with you, why not do yourself a favor and run with it. I guarantee you will open a doorway to happiness and enjoyment that few people will ever find. People will notice a difference in you as has happened with me. With so many people not making the decision to enjoy the now, it’s no wonder families fall apart and people secretly dope up on anti-depression and anxiety drugs. This way of life has returns that exceed the value of money and last forever. Begin by questioning how much you enjoy and appreciate the people, things and situations in your life right now. Make it a point to deeply enjoy as much as possible as often as you can, every hour of everyday. When spending time with your children do they know that you have left the office at the office and they have all of you as a parent? Do you feel you have to date your significant other or that you get to date them? When was the last time your spouse had 100% of your attention? Do they even know what that feels like? Do you? Often time this is all our loved ones ever want from us.

      Whenever I see a luxury convertible with a retired elderly couple in it, I hope to myself that they didn’t let 65, 70, or 75 years of their life pass before they started to enjoy it. A retirement at that age should only be icing on the cake of a long life well lived, and not a last minute escape from day to day misery. How sad is it to let the miracle of life pass us by while we have our backs turned looking for it.

     Happiness begets happiness and more happy situations. Appreciating the beauty in every moment and situation is a simple decision that costs no money but yields unfathomable returns. The choice is yours. Will you continue to sacrifice your continually present existence for an unpromised dream of one day having it all? Or will you decide to truly embrace and enjoy this very moment? The wise realize that time is merely an illusion and the present is indeed the only time we can ever exist in. I challenge you to make up your mind. Join in the living of today. We know that tomorrow is not promised and even when it does come, we call it today.

                                                                        Javis White of Seekers House. Thanks for reading.

Expert Advice Can Drive You Crazy!

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In America, many of us believe that if a person has a “PhD” behind his or her name or a “Dr.” in front of it, they’re an expert. An expert in what you may ask? Well in anything… It’s frowned upon to disobey the doctor. In school you will be exiled for questioning the accuracy of a PhD’s version of history, the basis of the PhD composed curriculum or even the lunch items served as determined by a select group of nutrition PhDs.
Well, what’s wrong with all of these doctor and “expert” recommendations? After all, don’t they know more than us? Shouldn’t we trust them to tell us what to eat? Shouldn’t we drink fluoride in our tap water because they say it’s good for us? And shouldn’t we believe Columbus discovered a continent with millions of people already living on it and evidence of visits from other cultures? Okay yeah, I’m joking a bit with the last one… Well, sort of. Having worked many years in the construction sciences, I have several friends with PhD’s in the civil engineering and geotechnical fields. I would call them in a heartbeat if I needed to know the specific gravity of a 4000 pound per sq. inch slab core. But I’m not fond of calling “experts” to tell me how to live my life and to blindly follow. In the technical design of a building, the numbers either work, or a wall starts to crack. Either way, the proof is obvious and no one usually gets hurt. When it comes to people telling you what to do with your life however, the results may not be obvious, and you’re always the one that stands to get hurt. Do you remember doctors in the 1950’s advertising for cigarettes which they then considered safe? (I’ve even heard stories from older men of how the doctor would examine them with a lit cigarette in his mouth…)
My point is that experts have their place. The information they provide can be extremely useful on the path to being knowledgeable to make our own decisions that work for us. We can allow expert advice to drive us crazy when we don’t understand that not all advice works for everyone, and not all of this advice is accurate and without bias. This is easily proven when you look at the fact that experts often times don’t agree with other experts on the same subject. Even getting a second option from another physician can yield two completely different medical diagnoses. Experts debate each other regularly, challenge each other, and some even disprove and denounce their own long held beliefs.
It’s okay to think, question and challenge. I often find that the best way to make informed decisions is to consider the most obvious popular advice, then find and study several findings that state the exact opposite or something completely different. You will usually end up with a much more complete and balanced view. For example, I grew up eating and drinking a lot of dairy. Back when I drunk cow’s milk my body suffered and did not handle it well. Yet still the “experts” who created the food pyramid recommended I drink a glass with every meal. If I blindly took their advice instead of doing my own additional research, I would have never known that people can live well past one hundred healthy years without drinking milk from an animal. I would have needlessly suffered and probably would have been clearing out rooms left and right (if you know what I mean).
Frankly, I don’t know how we got so comfortable relying on other people tell us what to do. How much of this just stems from the laziness of not wanting to do what it takes to gain knowledge (i.e. research) ourselves? How much of it is a fear of challenging authority that was deeply ingrained in us from childhood by our governments, religious institutions and schools? And who benefits the most from all of this expect advice anyway? It almost seems to be people, groups and agencies in every direction telling us what to do and not to do. It is difficult for me to believe that these groups all have my best interest at heart and not the best interest of their wallets and personal agendas.
With any advice however, a red flag should pop up around anyone who desires to plant a seed of fear in you to get you to do what they tell you to do. Government agencies, news outlets, and many religious sects have long been experts at these kinds of scare tactics. Remember however that installing fear and nurturing ignorance is the recipe for control. The more personal knowledge you have pertaining to important life issues the more freedom you will experience.
You were born with a brain for a reason. Do you really believe it was to have someone else do all of your thinking? Clear rational thought and consideration leads to better decisions than those made quickly in the midst of fear and panic. Let us stop taking everything we watch on television or read in a magazine as the gospel truth. This is indeed the quickest way to drive yourself crazy.

Javis White of Seekers House. Thanks for reading.

God Defined

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Our language often creates confusion when it comes to the very concepts that we attempt to express using that language. People fight wars over their “gods” and take on various titles such as atheist, theist, and agnostic. Not to mention the scores of religions with their own specific view of god. The problem comes when we began to define god. A quick Google search will pull up Merriam-Webster’s definition. This definition is really a series of definitions which denotes a deference in the definition of god when used capitalized or by a Christian Scientist. In various parts of the definition, a god requires human worship. God can be a spirit or just an infinite mind. Things get even more interesting when we see that god can be defined as a person or thing of supreme value, or a powerful ruler. Does this make certain people, dictators and politicians gods? And for “supreme value”, doesn’t value depend on who’s doing the appraising?

The truth is, two people can say that they believe in god. They will both be pleased in their bond as theists unless they realize that they mean two different things when it comes to god. A Jewish person may believe god is Yahweh, a deity characterized by blood sacrifice, wrath and envy (according to the scripture). A Muslim person might determine that a Jew does not believe in god because god is Allah, a god as equally vengeful with an eternal need to be worshiped. Yet still a Christian will likely consider Allah to be false and the Jew’s Yahweh to be outdated; claiming that Jesus is god, a Holy Spirit is god, and God is god, but they (he) no longer goes by Yahwah. In non-scriptural views, hermetic philosophy might define god as everything that is (sometimes called the All). To a Wiccan, god might include both male and female energy. And a metaphysician might define god as pure energy. This is a bit of a stretch. From the almost human-like god described in Exodus as “a man of war” named Yahweh, to the very energy that is primal and existing in every bit of the universe; what god is depends on who’s asking and who’s telling.

Javis White of Seekers House. Thanks for reading.

Vision Boards 101 -Playing With Scissors

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Where thought goes, energy flows

     So what exactly is a vision board? What is the purpose of one, and how does it work? A vision board is typically a collage of images placed on a piece of poster board that is hung or placed somewhere where it can be easily viewed by the maker. A vision board should include pictures carefully selected to represent desired goals, material items or even concepts wished to be manifested by the maker of the vision board. These images can be cutouts from magazines, printed off the internet or taken from any printed source. Understand that the overall intention here is for the board to serve as a visual reference for what is to be manifested.
     So how exactly does it work then? Are we expected to believe that somehow just by looking at what we want it will magically appear? Well no, not exactly. In my opinion vision boards do not technically “work”. They will however stimulate the subconscious mind and assist in growing seeds that have already been planted (if properly used that is). Think of a vision board more in the sense of being a tool. The vision board alone would have the same affect as a hammer lying on the ground. It will always be the carpenter that builds the house by making good use of his tools.
    Using the vision board is where the magic comes into play. The use of “envisioning” in the process of manifesting is key. Because of this, a vision board can be affective on many levels, but I’ll briefly sum up three of the most important concepts; Intention, immersion, and imagination.
     Intention is the steering wheel to manifesting, and I’ll bet that you already have a good idea of how this concept works. The simple activity of creating a vision board requires one to have intent. All images on a vision board should be carefully selected to represent what is desired. If a person has a desire to move out of cramped apartment and purchase a house, the very process of selecting pictures that represent that goal is creating and sending out that intent to the subconscious mind and to all energies that will be involved in its development. This is the same concept that drives a child to tear the image of a bicycle that he or she wants from a toy store advertisement and tape it to the wall. I’m sure we have all done this in one form or the other, but doing so clarifies and strengthens the intent.
     Immersion results from being able to step inside of the vision. Just by creating a vision board and placing it somewhere highly visible this will happen to some degree on a daily basis. A dancer whose goal is to one-day own a studio will benefit from constantly seeing the visual representation of her studio. The subconscious mind picks up everything no matter how subtle, and every time she glimpses “her studio”, the subconscious mind will reaffirm that intention to have that, and will work to bring it about. Once the intention has been set, just seeing your desired image can and will mentally and emotionally take you to that place. The goal is to go to that reality; to that vibration, and “be in it”, every time you see it.
     Imagination is where you can truly let loose and be creative! Because the thought plane proceeds the physical plane (everything is imagined first) you have to imagine living out your visions in thought. To do this simply pick a time (or several) each day to sit comfortably in front of your vision board. Relax and clear your mind of worries. Now focus on one image and imagine with as much realism as you can, having what the image is. For example, your first image is a roller coaster that represents visiting an amusement park you’ve always wanted to visit. You might imagine holding your ticket as you walk to the gate, buckling yourself into that roller coaster and feeling the carts began to move. This process should be fun and entertaining and not feel at all like work (these things are what you desire after all). Fantasize for some time on each picture and try to actually create the feeling within you of actually having the experience. Do not limit your imagination, be consistent and creative. I would recommend at least two ten minute sessions a day; perhaps to began the day and before ending it.
     To recap, remember that seeing the vision now and creating the feeling of already having it, are the driving forces behind using a vision board to attract and manifest. Make it your own, have fun, and I wish you happy manifesting!
                                                           –Javis White of Seekers House.
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