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How I Live without TV… it’s OK. Don’t Panic.

In Metaphysics, Mind Power, Motivational, Philosophy on August 11, 2013 at 4:13 pm
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Click to Watch the Video Version!

I chose to be abnormal after I saw what passes for normal.

“Well what do you do if you don’t watch TV?” I was asked this question yesterday in a conversation. This was not the first time that I have answered that question, just the most recent. Apparently, it’s quite odd in this day and age to not have a television, or to choose to not watch one daily. Over the years several people have made me clearly aware of this. I have truly seen looks of suppressed horror on the faces of some people without the capability to fathom life without the box. To be fair, I suppose if TV gave me my favorite teams, daily heroes and sheroes, villains and companions for these many years, I would value it also. If TV had always suggested to me what I should eat, wear, drive, listen to, think and fear, I would too feel a bit lost just at the thought of its absence.

    To be clear, I am in no way stating here that all people who watch TV are brainless idiots, as I am fairly certain that is not the case. Here is some food for thought however. Imagine with me that while you sleep tonight, every television in your home disappears, along with the cable boxes, satellites, remotes and all accessories. The cable company and your insurance will need a month to replace anything and you don’t have the money to do it yourself. Honestly, ask yourself how this would make you feel? Would you feel as if a part of you has died, or would you simply go on doing the other things you have already been doing in life? The feelings that surface will provide clues as to if you have an unhealthy dependency on your TV.

     Now to answer the question “what do I do if I don’t watch TV.”? When I’m not watching a television with every second of my free time, I’m actually doing real life stuff. Let’s look at reality. When 99% of people watch TV, they consider it doing something when it’s much closer to doing nothing. At best you’re just sitting there and at worse you’re lying in bed eating. Either way most people are completely stationery often for hours on end. To make things worse, the official foods (and I use that term loosely) of television is anything classified as junk. This is also a good time for many to drink and smoke whatever they choose. For me, spending time like this does nothing to bring me closer to my personal goals and aspirations. Isn’t that what life is really about?

I see it now as a tremendous blessing that we could not afford cable television growing up. There’s no telling where I would be if I had not spent time developing my mind, imagination and creativity with that time I may have ended up giving to the boob tube. As a kid I did feel a bit out of touch with pop culture, not seeing the latest shows and music videos, but I did not become programmed into believing that TV “programs” had any bearing on real life. I remember friends with nothing going on in their own lives sit and watch reality shows of other people living life. That type of mind numbing garbage didn’t then, and still doesn’t make sense to me. I instead started getting into mind stimulating books, worked jobs and made money, developed my creative skills and worked hard on becoming a better me.

     In closing, as an adult I have had cable twice (usually in an Internet bundle) and I enjoyed a few “educational” channels and maybe a hand full of other shows. I have no TV now and it does not bother me one bit because I am the most productive this way. If I need to see something that bad, there’s always the Internet. With my time now I read, love my beautiful wife and baby boy, and create artwork and computer graphics. I wake up early to reach my personal deadlines of completing the books I write, for which I also do the photography, layout, logo design and cover art. I build websites, computers and make the most awesome YouTube videos. I educate myself, blog, learn to cook vegetarian foods, pet my Doberman, lead a local metaphysics group and have deep conversations with close friends. Amongst other things, I also write articles like the one you’re reading now. I do this all the time. My life is full of meaningful activities and interactions with meaningful people. I live on the cutting edge of new thought and experience. I live with purpose. I am truly alive. 

Thanks for reading –Javis White of Seeker’s House