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God Defined

In Metaphysics, Philosophy, Religion on June 6, 2013 at 8:52 am

Our language often creates confusion when it comes to the very concepts that we attempt to express using that language. People fight wars over their “gods” and take on various titles such as atheist, theist, and agnostic. Not to mention the scores of religions with their own specific view of god. The problem comes when we began to define god. A quick Google search will pull up Merriam-Webster’s definition. This definition is really a series of definitions which denotes a deference in the definition of god when used capitalized or by a Christian Scientist. In various parts of the definition, a god requires human worship. God can be a spirit or just an infinite mind. Things get even more interesting when we see that god can be defined as a person or thing of supreme value, or a powerful ruler. Does this make certain people, dictators and politicians gods? And for “supreme value”, doesn’t value depend on who’s doing the appraising?

The truth is, two people can say that they believe in god. They will both be pleased in their bond as theists unless they realize that they mean two different things when it comes to god. A Jewish person may believe god is Yahweh, a deity characterized by blood sacrifice, wrath and envy (according to the scripture). A Muslim person might determine that a Jew does not believe in god because god is Allah, a god as equally vengeful with an eternal need to be worshiped. Yet still a Christian will likely consider Allah to be false and the Jew’s Yahweh to be outdated; claiming that Jesus is god, a Holy Spirit is god, and God is god, but they (he) no longer goes by Yahwah. In non-scriptural views, hermetic philosophy might define god as everything that is (sometimes called the All). To a Wiccan, god might include both male and female energy. And a metaphysician might define god as pure energy. This is a bit of a stretch. From the almost human-like god described in Exodus as “a man of war” named Yahweh, to the very energy that is primal and existing in every bit of the universe; what god is depends on who’s asking and who’s telling.

Javis White of Seekers House. Thanks for reading.